Me in a Nutshell

Welcome to Writing My Story!

I guess by now you’re probably wondering who the face is behind the name, so today’s blog post will be introducing you to who I am. 

My name is Grace and I am originally from Newfoundland but now reside in Ontario. From the age of three until I was 18, I was a competitive Figure Skater. My parents had enrolled me in other sports as well like Soccer and Dance, but the ice just seemed to own my heart unlike any other sport. I excelled pretty quickly, competing at a national level by the age of 12 and earning a spot on the Canada Games team in 2011. I eventually started training between my home club of Mount Pearl and Mariposa in Barrie for the greater part of four years, until deciding to make the complete move at 15. I had a great career for the next three years and achieved many things that I didn’t think I would have but was unfortunately plagued by injury during my last season and that’s when I made the decision to move on once graduating high school

 I’m a recent Media Studies graduate from the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto. If I think back to when I was in high school applying to Universities I always said that I wanted to become a doctor, more specifically an Oncologist. Obviously my route changed and it led me to the Media Studies program where I specialized in Public Relations. Graduating during a pandemic has definitely been a tough ride so far, as I shared in my first blog that my job search has been unsuccessful so far, but I know my time will come when the fit is right. 

I have two cats, Biscuit and Storm. Biscuit is my first rescue who we adopted in 2010 along with his brother Neiko, who passed away a few years ago. Storm is our most recent addition to our family. She is also a rescue and is only six months old. It’s a big age gap between our two fur babies and it definitely took a while for them to get used to each others space, but they are the best of friends now. We plan on getting a dog in the future once my boyfriend and I get our own house, but that’s on hold for right now until we get a bigger place. 

Being an athlete all my life, I couldn’t imagine not being active. Once I quit Figure Skating I got into weightlifting. The gym became my outlet during a stressful semester and really allowed me build a healthier lifestyle then the one I was living before. A few of my other hobbies include reading and writing, cooking and going to concert (which is on hold for who knows how long)

In the past I’ve started blogs before but did not follow through out of fear of what people would say, if they didn’t agree with what I had to say or if nobody would like to read what I had to say. However this year is different. I’ve grown so much in the last year, that I’m in a much better place mentally and honestly I just need to do this for myself. I love writing and I enjoy how writing can connect you with so many people. So my hope with this blog is to connect with all of you through my stories, experiences and everything in between. I want to inspire and help you grow into the legacy you’re meant to be. 

That’s just me in a nutshell. Nothing too extravagant but I love my life just the way it is. So keep following along because we’re just getting started.


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