That Daydream when I was Sixteen

When you were a child did you ever daydream about what your life would look like when you got older. Did you imagine the feeling of graduating with your best friends, landing your dream job and have that feeling of excitement for the rest of your life ahead. I did. I always dreamed of becoming … Continue reading That Daydream when I was Sixteen

Mustang Wine Tours Review

It’s #nationalwineday Ladies! Who here loves having their glass of wine as much as I do?  To celebrate one of the best national days in my opinion (it may be because it gives me an excuse to have a glass of wine on a Thursday), I thought it would be a great opportunity to write … Continue reading Mustang Wine Tours Review

How To Have A Better Relationship With Yourself

Having a better relationship with yourself. What does that mean? It looks differently for each person because we all may struggle with different things.  For me this meant being kinder to myself and putting myself first. I have always been the type of person to put my needs on the backburner to be there for … Continue reading How To Have A Better Relationship With Yourself