Quarantine Life

It’s Monday!!

I feel like all my days just blend together right now during quarantine, but I’m doing my best to keep track of the days. Today, I thought I would give you an update about what I’ve been doing during quarantine life.

I have two jobs. I am Shift Supervisor at Starbucks (gold status white girl over here) and I’m also a Hockey Coach. Thankfully Starbucks is considered and essential service, so we have been operating drive thru only for most of this time, but we’ve recently just opened up our stores so that you can come in to order, while keeping a physical distance.

Starbucks is such an amazing company to work for and I’m so greatful to be a part of this family. I’ve been there four years now and I’ve gotten to connect with so many different people along the way. I consider my regular customers my friends, we can talk about anything and they care for me, as I do for them. Unlike most of my friends who work other jobs to help put themselves through University/College who hate going to work everyday, the atmosphere at Starbucks is quite the opposite. The team at my store are all amazing humans and I love going to work to spend time with them.

It’s been tough navigating all these changes over the last couple of months, but it’s comforting for me to still be able to get up and go to work everyday because I’m a very active person. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been so busy going from training, to school, to training, then extra-curricular’s, that if I didn’t have this I would be going insane right now. I also love to have structure to my day, so this really helps me keep in the routine of waking up early, going to work, getting a workout in and working on some personal projects in my spare time.

Right now obviously rinks are not open, but I’m able to work a few hours a week remotely for my other job because I also manage their Social Media channels. Since my boyfriend and I coach at the same arena, were able to create some at home training videos throughout the week that I can upload. This is great to keep in front of our audience and give the kids something to do that can keep them in shape until we get back on the ice, and from nagging their parents.

I try to workout five to six times a week. Normally, I would only workout five times a week but since I have a little extra time on my hands, I find sitting around gets old real fast, so I do a light workout to get some movement in on my “rest” days. It also helps my mental state because I always feel better after a good workout. Releasing all the endorphins and dopamine definitely puts me in a better mood (plus I don’t feel as bad for being so sedentary.)

For the rest of my days I’m editing a draft for a children’s book I working. I thought I was finished, but turns this perfectionist (aka me) is always wanting to change something to make it better. I love writing and I honestly love kids, so I thought writing a children’s book would be a great way for me to get back into writing and do something for myself.

Since, you’re reading this you also know that I recently created this blogging website. This is something I’ve attempted to do in the past but always feared what other people said about the idea, and quickly stopped writing. But I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from so many of you guys and it’s really inspired me to keep writing and connecting with you all.

I know it can be hard to navigate through these weird times, but I suggest that you try to keep some structure to your day. Keeping on the same schedule I had prior to the beginning of the pandemic has really helped lower my anxiety and I don’t find myself going crazy. That’s just a personal tip I’ve noticed that I think would help if you deal with anxiety.

Also keep in mind this “social distancing” doesn’t mean we can’t be social, we must be social at a physical distance. Text or Facetime your friends or family members to stay connected. At the beginning of this pandemic this was something that I didn’t integrate into my days and I began to feel really isolated and my anxiety began to increase. Every day I try to check in with at least one person to see how they’re doing and have a little conversation. I’ve found this has helped me so much because I really missed that personal connection.

Thank you all for reading my blogs, it means the world to me. Stay Safe.




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