Using the DiveThru app

As I briefly mentioned a couple of days ago in my Instagram Story, I have been using an app called DiveThru.

DiveThru is a mental wellness app that focuses on journaling. There is a diverse range of topics which you can explore based on your mental illnesses, different emotions or situations, or even areas of yourself you would like to improve on. It’s also a great app if you experience anxiety or other mental illnesses because it provides you with an outlet to express your emotions, and deal with your thoughts.

I chose to explore the “Embracing Yourself” sessions. This session was a daily journaling activity for 14 days. At the beginning of each session the app will talk you through a relaxation exercise. It asks you to focus on your breathing and the way your body is feeling. This was so helpful because I just laid on my bed, listened to the voice and focused on my breathing. This gave me the chance to remove all other thoughts that were occupying my mind and let me focus on my journaling. Once you have completed the exercise, it will prompt you to pick up your journal and get started on the topic provided.

The “Embracing Yourself” exercise focused on your insecurities and what’s holding you back from progressing forward. One of my biggest insecurities is my body and my smarts. I choose not to wear tight clothing because I don’t want to show off the fact that I don’t have a flat stomach, or that I have minimal curves. I believe I’m not as smart as what others tell me because I doubt my ability, and I fear making mistakes. All of these insecurities make me believe I’m not enough and that I don’t deserve things in life because I’m not perfect.

My anxiety causes me to avoid certain situations because of my insecurities. I believe people will see me for me insecurities, and so I avoid social situations out of fear of being judged or not liked. I avoid voicing my opinion in meetings at my job, even though I know the answer or my opinion in valid. I fear it what I say will be wrong, or someone may not agree with what I have to say. This causes me to miss out on time with friends or growing my career.

After completing just a few days of this journaling app I could really see improvements in my mental state and how I practiced self talk. When I opened my eyes I could see that my insecurities don’t define who I am, I define who I am.

On day one it asked us to identified our insecurities and once I did this, it became real for me. I could see how my insecurities had a trickling effect on many areas in my life, and how they held me back from growing and embracing myself.

Over the course of the remaining days I began to conquer these insecurities.

On day three it asked us to journal about what we had to say to these insecurities. I want to be confident in my the body I was given and embrace the person I’ve become. By telling my insecurities they weren’t going to get in the way of my social life anymore or stop me from growing my career, I was standing up to them.

Each day I could see the progress I was making mentally and emotionally. Finally for the first time I could actually begin to feel like I was building confidence and embracing my insecurities. Instead of looking in the mirror, picking out all of my insecurities, I was looking in the mirror and seeing the beauty in me. This was really empowering for me because I could feel how just this one change was giving me confidence, and having such positive effects in other areas of my life.

If you’re new to journaling it’s also a great app to get started. Not only does it provide you with topics that focus on mental and emotional growth, but it also provides you with exercises that help you tune in on your thoughts. When I first began to write I sometimes would find it hard to pull all my thoughts together, but the exercises really help you breakdown your thoughts because it asks you such specific questions, and really gets to the core of the problem.

These are some of the positive experiences I wanted to share with you guys. I highly recommend downloading the app to explore yourself and see how it can help you combat your thoughts. Writing is a great outlet to express your emotions and the DiveThru app is a great way to get started on journaling your emotions. It provides an opportunity for positive self talk, and identifying negative thoughts and behaviors.




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